About Us

Launched by information industry professionals to satisfy the need for solid, numerical ESG and operational risk data.

Collects, scrubs and interprets data on over 475,000 facilities in multiple industry sectors.

Proprietary artificial intelligence models benchmark, rank, and classify companies’ environmental and societal impact and risk profile.

What We Provide for Our Clients

  • Metrics for waste management, regulatory compliance, environmental justice, and worker health and safety across all major industrial and energy sectors.
  • Risk analysis, accident, fire event probability forecasting, geospatial analysis of nearest neighbor risk profiles, sector and peer-to-peer comparative risk ranking, historical risk profiling, and supply chain risk assessments.
  • Data driven analysis of facility needs for inspection, monitoring, waste removal and mitigation services.
  • Database and analytics for decision support models, supplier and supply chain risk intelligence, peer and competitive analysis, and sector benchmarking
  • AZA-Soyul Company Environmental Scores
  • AZA-Soyul Marketing Overview (opens in separate window)

By the Numbers

  • More than 475,000 facilities, each connected to an owner (or owners).
  • More than 95% of all US chemicals released into waterways and air.
  • ¬†Operations of more than 12,750 companies and entities including:
    • Municipality (6,166) , County Government (2,447), Publicly Traded (1,422), Privately Held (1,056), Private Equity (91), Federal Agency(72), State Agency (55), Non-profit (22), Pension Fund (10), Soverign Fund (6)
  • 32 years of toxic release data
  • Highly granular measurements on 1,500 chemicals and weighted metrics per company.