Insurer / Risk Manager

Data driven predictive risk analysis, accident, fire event probability forecasting, geospatial analysis of nearest neighbor risk profiles, sector and peer-to-peer comparative risk ranking, historical risk profiling, and supply chain risk assessments.

  • Risk assessments for over 475,000 US locations.
  • Facility and neighboring facility waste violations, penalties, and excess emissions. 
  • Monthly tracking of  personal injury, penalties and safety violations.
  • Historical analysis covering up to 20 years.
  • Covers more than 2,600 public and privately held companies.
  • Industry and cross industry risk ranking.

Coverage: Publicly Traded, Privately Held, Private Equity, Non-profit, Pension Fund, Sovereign Fund, Municipalities, County Government

Case Studies: Food Processing,  ManufacturingMunicipalities, Supply Chain