Investor and Asset Manager

Proprietary artificial intelligence models to benchmark, rank and classify emissions, waste management, regulatory compliance, environmental justice scores, and worker health and safety by company across all major industrial and energy sectors.

  • Monthly permits, violations, penalties, filings and water waste emissions for over 475,000 US locations.
  • Annual detailed facility level waste emissions.
  • Monthly workplace accidents, violations and inspections.
  • Historical analysis covering up to 20 years.
  • Full ticker and sector mapping for publicly traded companies. 
  • Covers more than 2,600 public and privately held companies.
  • Industry and cross industry benchmarking.

Coverage: Publicly Traded, Privately Held, Private Equity, Non-profit, Pension Fund, Sovereign Fund, Municipalities, County Government

Sector Case Studies: EnergyIndustrialsMaterials, Real Estate, Utilities