Inspection and Monitoring Service Provider

Data driven analysis of facility needs for inspection, monitoring, waste removal and mitigation services. Identification of uncontrolled wastes requiring mitigation efforts and emerging needs analysis. Comparison of existing and future customer waste production, control and employee safety 

  • Monthly waste violations, penalties, water waste emissions and regulatory limits for over 475,000 US locations.
  • Annual detailed facility level waste emissions by chemical, volumes, disposal methods and service suppliers.
  • Monthly workplace accidents, violations and inspections.
  • Covers more than 2,600 public and privately held companies.
  • Facilities identified by geographical location, industry, and emitted wastes for customer identification, market research and service benchmarking.

Coverage: Publicly Traded, Privately Held, Private Equity, Non-profit, Pension Fund, Sovereign Fund, Municipalities, County Government

Sector Case Studies: EnergyIndustrialsMaterials, Real Estate, Utilities