Port Terminal Ratings Methodology

Within the USA:

The US publishes a plethora of data on discharges of pollutants into the air and water, as well as on health, safety and environmental justice. This data is extensive and detailed, providing a long historical look at facilities located in the US going back into the 1970s. The Rating leverages these data to create one unified measure of ESG behavior. In addition to extracting, cleansing and normalizing disparate data sets from a number of federal agencies, we also weight the various metrics based on severity, before combining them into one overall rating.

Outside the USA:

We will adapt the US approach to create similar scores for terminal service providers and terminal owners outside the US. The US data guides us to the areas of concern and provides standardized metrics developed over decades and honed through rule-making and judicial challenges. While we will not be able to recreate every measure we have in the US, we can generate measurements based on a question catalogue that is adapted to local conditions. For non-US terminals, we will also add data pertaining to ownership and relationship networks. This minimizes the risk of exposure to sanctioned or disreputable counterparties.