AZA-Soyul / Waterfront Port Terminal Rating

The AZA-Soyul / Waterfront Port Terminal Rating is a comprehensive measure of a terminal’s environmental, social and governance behavior. The rating provides shippers, financiers, government agencies and others with a standard metric for a port service provider’s impact on the environment and society. The rating is based on data and minimizes judgement.

We have partnered with Waterfront, a leading global port agency, to provide clients with assessments of the environmental, social and governance of marine terminals and to support them in their efforts to assess Tier II emissions, as well as operational and reputational risk in maritime / shipping.

We combine AZA-Soyul’s expertise in collecting and interpreting metrics of environmental behavior and worker safety with WaterFront’s ability to collect local information through its global network of offices. We employ a flexible framework based on US regulatory agency metrics to create a scoring system with tens of quantitative parameters.

  • We define metrics for assessing impacts on the environment and society.
  • Local, independent, maritime shipping professionals collect data on maritime facilities using those metrics.
  • We distill the data into one overall score, allowing for easy peer-to-peer comparisons
  • We create transparency and minimise risk